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Size: 600 x 400mm

Material: 4mm Fluted Plastic

Fixings: Pre-driled for easy fixing/hanging

Lightweight & Easily Stored

Single Sided 

Polling Station Signs (600 x 400mm)

  • Size: The Polling Station Signs are designed to be 600 x 400mm in dimensions, providing a clear and visible display for important information.

    Material: Crafted from durable 4mm Fluted Plastic, these signs offer a sturdy construction that can withstand various weather conditions. This material is known for its weather resistance and durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor signage.

    Fixings: Each sign comes pre-drilled, making it incredibly convenient for easy fixing and hanging. Whether you want to attach them to a wall, post, or other surfaces, the pre-drilled holes ensure a hassle-free installation process.

    Lightweight & Easily Stored: Despite their sturdy build, these Polling Station Signs remain lightweight, making them easy to transport and install. Their lightweight nature simplifies the setup process and allows for quick repositioning if necessary. When the signs are not in use, they can be conveniently stored without taking up too much space.

    Single Sided: These signs are designed to be single-sided, ensuring that the essential information is clearly visible to passersby and voters approaching the polling station. The simplicity of a single-sided design offers a clean and effective means of conveying important details without any confusion.

    In summary, these Polling Station Signs are designed with the utmost convenience and durability in mind. Their 600 x 400mm size, 4mm Fluted Plastic material, pre-drilled fixings, lightweight nature, and single-sided design all contribute to an ideal solution for clear and effective communication at polling stations.

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