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Introducing the Vari Signs, a robust and versatile signage solution built to endure and excel in a variety of settings. Constructed from solid metal, these signs offer stability and durability, ensuring your message stands strong, come rain or shine. With a significant weight and a generous display area, the Vari Signs are a reliable choice for all your outdoor and indoor signage needs.

Vari Signs

    • Sturdy Metal Construction: Built from solid metal, the Vari Signs are designed to withstand reasonable weather conditions, ensuring your message remains intact and visible, regardless of the elements.

    • Substantial Weight: Weighing in at approximately 10kg, these signs boast enough heft to remain grounded and stable, even in outdoor settings. This makes them an ideal choice for windy areas where lighter signs might falter.

    • Durable Powder-Coated Finish: The white mild steel is finished with a durable powder coating, providing an additional layer of protection against the weather, and ensuring the sign maintains its pristine appearance over time.

    • Versatile Application: Whether you need signage for an event, a business, or public information, the Vari Signs are suited to a wide range of situations and settings.

    • Generous Visual Display Area: With a visual display area of 450 x 700mm, these signs offer plenty of space to convey your message clearly and effectively.

    • Compact Overall Dimensions: Measuring 450 x 765mm in total, the Vari Signs are large enough to be noticed, yet compact enough to fit in various settings without being obtrusive.

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