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  • Lightweight, durable, white plastic sign with black text on both sides.
  • Drilled for fixing to our Standard or Easy-Handle Systems.
  • Signs can be drilled with additional holes allowing you to hang multiple signs on the same pole system. Please ask if this is required.


  • Panel A - Typically used for large WARD SIGN use. 30" x 24" / 762 x 610mm
  • Panel B - Designed for TABLE SIGN use with Panel A sized signs.*
  • Panel C - This come with the Standard & Easy Handle Systems by default. The standard WARD SIGN size sign. 
  • Panel D - Great for information signs. ie: COUNT OFFICER.
  • Panel E - Designed for TABLE SIGN use with Panel C sized signs.*


* In order to have "Table" signs above / beneath the Ward signs, you will need to ensure that the upper most sign has 2 drill holes on the bottom of the sign and you've ordered 2 "S-Hooks" to enable the signs to be hung beneath them.
Our signs come with 2 drill holes as standard unless we're requested to drill additional holes.

Please ask if unsure.

Spare Ward Signs for Easy / Standard Systems


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